Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Hooked on Hollywood

Every now and again, I buy into the celebrity stuff and when I do, I get totally sucked in! It's really quite addicting but I think the reason why is because it's great to see these super-rich and famous people have normal life problems and let's be honest - to sometimes see them not looking their best ;).

Here are my latest finds...

That's right - a blog dedicated to Gilmore Girls news!!!

"Didn't they go off the air several years ago?" you might ask. Yes, they did, but apparently someone has enough time to dig up anything they can find on the show and the actors and posts it here. The most recent post was yesterday so it's still current! But kinda neat b/c it shows all the actors' latest news.

Tori & Dean...Home Sweet Hollywood

So last night I started watching this show and was totally hooked! Dennis came in and started laughing at me for watching it but I was too busy shh!!-ing him to listen. I was surprised at how much I actually liked and respected Tori Spelling, but not just that, her husband Dean was a total gem. He is so in love with her and goes so far out of his way to support and please her - it was just very sweet. Not to mention that I saw the episode with their son (Liam's) 1st birthday party and they look like such good parents. Now she's about to have Baby #2 (a girl). It was just way better than I thought. Check it out.

Ok, I'll admit...I've watched this a few times too and it's actually pretty good. I saw an episode where she was doing a girls night with her friends and was talking about how to get back out there now that she's a single mom. You never think of the stars as being lonely or being "single moms" but I'm sure it's tough, no matter how much you have going for you. She is a little ditzy at times but still fun to watch. And I was a little excited that she was at Tori Spelling's son Liam's birthday party last night. I feel a part of the inner circle! ;-) Ha!
Hope you have a Hollywood-rific day!

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