Thursday, July 3, 2008

Friends, Friends, Friends

I couldn't live without my friends.

I am blessed to have many different friends, and when I say different, I really do mean different. Each one of my friends is certainly unique. I admire some friends for their ability to see the world in black and white and innately know the right thing to do while I admire others for their ability to see all sides and points of view. I admire some of my friends for their dedication to their careers and others for their dedication to their families. Some are good listeners while others are good talkers. Some always tell you what you should do and others always ask what they should do. I have single friends, married friends, and friends with kids. I have older friends and I have younger friends. I have friends that I keep up with mostly face-to-face, some who I only correspond with by email, and a few who I only contact via telephone. I have friends who are very into fashion and others who live in an old t-shirt. I have friends that I admire for how amazingly clean their houses are and others that I admire because their houses are not perfect. I really feel blessed to have so many different wonderful women in my life. However, the fact that all my friends are different is also a source of contention for me. At 29, I don't have a "best friend" or even a group of best friends. I have in the past but these friendships have fizzled or just become more distant over time as lives evolve in different directions. There's nothing wrong with this except that I wish I had that one friend or couple of friends with whom I always knew exactly what was going on with them - what good and bad things happened that day, when they are going on vacation, the argument they had with their spouse or child or the guy who ran the redlight. These are the things I feel I sometimes lack...that total true connection to someone who will love you no matter what and not judge you for the days your hair is a mess or your kid acts up. The friend with whom you can share those not-so-pleasant truths about yourself or commiserate about your husband's forgetfulness when it comes to replacing the toothpaste cap or just to vent about life's little frustrations. I love and cherish all my friends very much but hope that someday, one or many of these friendships will evolve into something more permanent and more personal. I do have a couple of friends that are very much like this - but they are long distant and I also want very much the local friend that pops by unannounced (however, living in DC, these types of friendships are uncommon). I have been wanting to post on this topic for awhile but after going to see Sex and the City last night with a friend, I felt today was the right time. In any case - to all my friends - thanks for being a special part of my life. I love the diversity and fun of my friends and couldn't live without you.

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