Sunday, July 20, 2008

Addicted to my computer


I think I am addicted to my computer.

As a mom who is in her own home with a young child for 21-22 hours each day, I need a computer as my lifeline to the outside world. Phone calls are not so easy...Olive usually uses that time to begin screaming or start devious little tricks that she thinks she can get away with because I might not be paying attention. Plus, I'm not really a phone person anyways - email is SO much easier.

But it's not just email that has me sucked in... Once I started these blogs, I'm totally addicted to blogging and to reading other blogs and networking. Ok, speaking of networking, I have a couple of friends who joined one of the networking sites (I won't say which) and they got me into it (along with Dennis' help) so now I'm totally sucked in to that too (which I must admit, is really fun).

I guess the best part about the computer is that it's always I can contact business associates at 9pm on Sunday night (as I'm doing now) or 6am Monday morning (as I'll be doing tomorrow) and think nothing of it.

It's the best way to keep in touch with so many people and do so many things. It's the essential tool for any multi-tasker. And it helps keep me organized - for example, I just sent out an evite to see if some friends wanted to go to the park this week - this helps me keep track of who's said yes and no. What could be easier?? My mind is too filled to be able to remember everything so I need Excel, Evite, Email, etc. to help me. But it is also just plain fun.

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