Saturday, August 2, 2008

Where would you like to live?

Dennis and I often ask each other, "if you could live ANYWHERE in the world (regardless of jobs etc.), where would it be?" This is a fun little game. I think of all the great places I'd love to live and where would I want to really put down roots. There are so many great locales that I think would be fun for a few years (or places that would have been neat in the pre-kids days) and there are places that I would want my children to grow up. I'm curious about where others would want to go if it were as easy as packing a suitcase and heading out.

Here are some of my thoughts on dream spots... San Diego (which we almost did a year ago), Arizona, Hawaii, fun to go to Colorado or Maine or Boston or New Hampshire or something for a year or so (but I hate the cold so this would have to be short-term). More realistic for me is anywhere in the South, especially if it is within driving distance to my family and an easy day trip to the beach would be a bonus. Anywhere they have lots of outdoor activities and great year-round weather. That's my ideal spot.

But for now, I'm finally adapting to life here in DC (it has only taken 3 years). It's just always fun to think about the what-ifs. Please post a comment and tell me where you'd like to go!

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