Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Tuesday's Tips - a day late

It's time to go a little more green and natural with your cleaning products.

I have been phasing out all of our harsh chemical products and replacing them all with more natural ones. One of my favorites thus far has been a carpet cleaner from Mrs. Meyer's Clean Day. It actually works amazingly well, even on those mysterious carpet discolorations and also on our couch. The one we have is Lemon Verbena scent (quite nice but subtle) Carpet Cleaner. I cannot find this on their website so perhaps they have discontinued it, but I did find this other carpet cleaner that I suspect is very similar. I was quite skeptical of these at first but have been really impressed with the results. You can order online or look up a retailer in your area. I think most Whole Foods stores carry them, as well as many others such as Target.

Some other great product lines are:

Seventh Generation
Clorox Green Works
Simple Green

I have used all of these except for the Simple Green. The best part about these products (besides being natural and avoiding exposing yourself and your family to harsh chemicals) is that most of them are pretty cost-effective too. For the most part, they cost the same or just a tiny bit more than the regular cleaners. I will also soon be carrying a new line of natural cleaning products at my online shop - little pink pansy - so check back there soon.

Do your small part to help make our lives a little more natural and a little greener. The more we all do, the cheaper and more mainstream these things will become. If nothing else, it makes you feel good and clean to use them!

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