Monday, January 4, 2010

New Year

It seems that I just can't keep up with this blog these days... I am hoping to do b etter in the new year.

A quick update on us...

Olive and Buttons (the new nickname for Baby Girl) are doing great and had a wonderful Christmas. Toys R Us probably had a great fourth quarter, thanks in large part to our family ;)

Buttons is now 6 months old and very close to sitting up. She's starting to eat some solid foods, which she loves. She's definitely a Mama's Girl and does suffer from a little bit of separation anxiety :(

Olive is doing great. Went back to school today after the break. I think she thrives on routine as much as I do. She had a lot of fun with friends and family during the holidays.

Hope you and yours have a great 2010. Ours is off to a wonderful start!