Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Judgement Day

I often feel like I am being judged.

Perhaps I am, perhaps it is only my over-active imagination, but I don't like the feel of it. Today, I took Olive to a playgroup for her new preschool class (she starts in a couple of weeks) at her teacher's house. It was great fun and nice to meet other parents and kids and the teachers. But during one point, she saw another child take off their shoes and wanted to do the same to jump on the mini trampoline. While she had already gotten on and off of this trampoline about 1000 times, I didn't want her taking her shoes off and tromping around the yard shoeless. Well, she wasn't too happy about that and threw a little fit. I was mortified. I know, I know, she is almost 2 and acts every bit of it, but it's totally embarassing. Especially when you are around people who you don't know. On top of that, Olive is independent. Well, that's putting it midly. She is FIERCELY independent. One of the first comments someone made about her today was, "wow, she's independent". Oh great, we're off to a good start, huh? Anyway, I thought I felt a stare or two at her displays of unhappiness. I am getting really good at not losing my cool and diffusing the situation, but it still takes awhile sometimes. I must admit that I was really happy a bit later when there was a kid who was throwing balls at people's heads over and over again. It made me feel better. I know, it's silly and I know it's not their place to judge - all I can do is do my best and be comfortable with the decisions that I make, but really, why don't kids get it that a temper tantrum in front of strangers is not the best way to make new friends??


Sharon - Pixie Bows said...

ahhh, the terrible twos! It is amazing how at 3 they switch off the tantrums and switch on the sass.... which I will take any day over the tantrums! At three you can rationalize unlike at two... so hang in there, just a year to go!

Jessica Monte said...

Thank you for sharing this! Temper tantrums are a totally normal occurrence, at least they are in our house. My almost 2 year old is getting more and more creative with them. I too have felt embarrassed but then I realize that all of the adults who might be judging my mothering also experienced the behaviors my daughter is going through, they were just lucky enough to have a mother or someone guide them through it. I have also suggested to onlookers that they offer to help rather than stare at us.

Right now I am trying to balance intervening and just letting her go through the emotions. Thanks again for sharing this post!