Friday, February 6, 2009

Littering? Really?

Today I saw something that shocked me.
As I was pulling out of Olive's school, I was driving along and all of a sudden I saw trash fly out of a car. Huh...I thought. Must have had the window open (though it's a bit cold for that) and something flew out. But as I drove up closer, I saw that it was lots and lots of food wrappers from a fast food restaurant. Hamburger wrappers, bags, fries containers. This was no mishap. I was furious. I thought it was another mom from Olive's school so I sped up to see the offender. It was not someone from our school but it was a mom in a minivan. I was so appalled. Who does this?? And not only did this woman throw something out her window, it wasn't something small like a gum wrapper, it was a whole meal's worth of wrappers. And it was so deliberate! I just couldn't believe what I saw. There was obviously a bag that had come from this fast food place - couldn't she have just put all the wrappers in there and thrown it out when she got home or wherever she was going? I couldn't believe my eyes. What does this teach her kids? That you can just toss trash out the window? Unacceptable in my book. Even Olive knows that you throw trash in the trash can. My 2 year old would never dream of doing anything with garbage besides putting it in the right place yet this 30-something woman has no problem tossing tons of junk on the roadside for the rest of us to deal with? I was just truly shocked.
Have you ever seen something so blatant that really got your blood boiling? Post a comment and let me know.

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