Sunday, August 10, 2008


Check your calendar. Today is August 10th. Yesterday, August 9th, Olive wore a jacket for the first time this "season". Yep, a jacket. She only stopped wearing a jacket in June, now it is the beginning of August and already a jacket is in store for the morning. Where is summer??? All this talk about global warming really seems like nonsense here in the District... this summer has been so cool and bearable. Nice, but short. Too short. Much too short. Where are the sweltering days of high humidity that make it uncomfortable to leave the air conditioning even just to walk to the car? We have been outside pretty much every day this summer without any real thought. Sure, it's hot, but it's not uncomfortable. I'm not ready for jackets. I hate jackets. It's one extra thing you have to take with you and it also means cold weather. Yuck. I don't think there should be only 2 months a year that you don't need them. I think there should be only two months a year when you do need them.

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