Tuesday, December 16, 2008

I am thankful

This holiday season, I am reflecting on all the many reasons I have to be thankful.
I have come to realize that everyone is fighting some sort of battle. For some, it may be a baby with colic, a very independent-minded 2 year old (ok, that's us), financial burdens, health concerns, holiday jitters, etc. You name it, everyone has something that is on their mind at any given time. While some battles are bigger than others, we all face challenges in our everyday lives and they are all personal and important to us. That's why it's really important to remember all the GOOD things we have going on. So you may not have been able to afford to give your kids a Wii this year, but at least you can be together on Christmas and maybe make cookies together or shop for a needy family. Maybe this year you find yourself unable to travel and be with family, but there are so many ways to celebrate in a different fashion. It's also good for me to remember in dealing with other people that they all are fighting their own personal battles and when I lose my patience, I remember that there is probably more going on with them than I realize and let it go.
For me, I am grateful for a lot of things. I have a warm home, enough money in the bank to pay the bills, a beautiful daughter and husband, a loyal dog, and lots of love. Really, there's nothing else I need. I don't need gifts under the tree or a big to-do - just time to enjoy those that I love and cherish every moment. I've enjoyed the season so much this year with Olive - baking cookies, making Christmas art projects, opening our daily Advent calendar, decorating (and redecorating) the tree, etc. Take a moment this holiday season and remember the little things and not just about what you receive. That's my motto - "it's the little things..." - this is what makes life special.

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Sharon - Pixie Bows said...

Thank you for the reminder! I have been so worried about making everything perfect that I have forgot to just take in the little things that are the most important.. I think we will bake some cookies today ;-)