Friday, January 30, 2009

Random Thoughts of a Work at Home Mom

Last Friday (yes, one entire week ago), I arrived early to pick up Olive from school. Since I didn't have a book or crossword in the car, I started writing down random thoughts to use on my blog. Somehow the week slipped away from me and other things came up and I never got around to sharing them. So, here they are, for a little Friday Fun...
-Is there something innate in dogs that makes them despise all postal carriers and delivery men?
-Spring is coming - today is sunny and warmer and I'm starting to see short sleeves in the stores - yippee!! (Update - since then, we've had both a snow day and an ice day that have kept us at home but today the ice is melting and the sun is out again. New hope for an early spring!)
-Why are there SO many ads on TV and in the Washington Post for furs? Aren't fur coats taboo? Where would you wear this? And why? How do all these "furriers" stay in business?
-I'm enjoying the newfound freedom of being virtually diaper-free (except for bedtime). I will remove the diaper pail and changing pad from Olive's room soon (ok, well when I can move it to the nursery, hopefully soon).
-It's amazing how much you can accomplish in 3 hours when your kids are at school and you are all ALONE!
-I'm truly grateful for the wonderful friends, family, and teachers who surround our family with love and understanding.
-The longer you live somewhere, you eventually begin to grow roots and attachments, whether you intended to or not.
-I'm now obsessed with getting the new baby's room ready and buying everything we need, even though I'm not quite half-way through the pregnancy.
-I love my husband and he is my best friend.
-I love my daughter and have a newfound respect, awe, and admiration for her.
-It's very difficult to grocery shop and prepare meals for your family when 99% of all food grosses you out.
-Whoever invented the internet (and sorry Al Gore, I know it wasn't you) is both a lifesaver and a demon.
-I'm really excited for my ultrasound on Monday, where hopefully we'll be able to determine whether I need to buy some blue or pink things.
Have a great weekend!!

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