Thursday, April 24, 2008

Rush Hour

It seems to me these days that we are all always in a rush. We rush to eat, we rush to drive, we rush to do just about everything. Our lives are so busy that we spend all our time just cramming things in and trying to check one more thing off our list, even if that thing is something as valuable as family time or a phone call to an old friend. I'll admit - I am the queen of trying to get it all done. I don't feel relaxed unless my "to-do" list is short. I was recently browsing the very wise book "Don't Sweat the Small Stuff (and it's all small stuff)" and one of the points was that when we die, there will always be things on our to-do list. This book really emphasizes how important it is for us to enjoy the small things in life and not worry so much. In essence, this is the basis for this remind us to treasure the small great moments and to remind us that the tough times will pass. When I am 85 and look back, I want to remember fond memories, not frustrations and rushing. But I digress...

This rushing topic has been on my mind recently as I've had my daughter at the playground and I see that all of us parents are rushing our kids down the slide so the next kid can have a turn and doesn't have to wait. We are rushing the kids out the door to get somewhere on time. We are rushing when we're walking the dog because we have a million other things to do. Now, I am not someone who likes to be late so I'm often rushing to be sure I am on time, but today, as I was rushing my daughter to get dressed, then rushing to the grocery store, rushing the dog walk, all so we could get to Gymboree (kid's gymnastics class) on time, I thought, "What would really be the big deal if we were a few minutes late to a fun activity?" Of course, my "practical" side tells me that I want to be there on time to maximize her playtime and plus, I am paying for this, so want to make it worth our while, but does that mean rushing everything else in order to be there on time?? It seems a bit silly if you ask me. So I drove slowly to Gymboree today and it made a world of difference. I arrived calm, cool, and collected.

Then we arrive and the scenario comes up again - rushing our kids to get them out of the way for the others. What will the world be like when these children grow up? Will they be even more hurried and frantic than we are?? Is that even possible? I am making a pledge now to have some fun with my daughter, stop and pick the flowers, let her take her time on a walk, and enjoy the simple moments like an unexpected kiss or smile - after all, these won't be around forever so I'd better enjoy them now!


WhirledPeas said...

AMEN LINDS!!! It's great that you've adopted this philosophy now, instead of when HK is all grown up. I've observed many moms who didn't seem to realize this until their kids are adults. :) I love you and am proud of you!! xoxo

jenn_perilla said...

Lindsey, thanks for writing this. I need to remember to enjoy the moments with my girls and your post is a great reminder to try and not rush so much:)