Sunday, April 27, 2008

A lucky find

Yesterday, I was lucky. While walking with hubby, Olive, and dog, we cut through a nearby parking lot at an office building, empty since it was Saturday. I happened to look down at the sidewalk and lo and behold, a $10 bill was lying there, waiting to be claimed. I bent down, picked it up, examined the amount, and then grinned. Yippee, it's my lucky day! Hubby starts looking around, trying to locate the hidden camera. I look around too and realize there is no camera. Besides, it's a totally empty parking lot and the money was lying on the sidewalk, about to blow into the grass. If I didn't pick it up, it would go unused and fly away, possibly becoming a snack for the enormous Canadian geese that live nearby (which Olive affectionately refers to as "big honk-honks"). So it was imperative that I become $10 richer. Woohoo! This kind of thing never happens to me. I must have done something right and the universe is repaying me. Like I say, "it's the little things..."

So then I began pondering what to do with my winnings. Do I use it to buy something for myself and indulge a little - perhaps a manicure or a latte? Do I give it to charity or church and share my good fortune with others? In the end, I decided to use it to go to lunch with a friend today and I've gotta say, it was well worth it. While chatting with my friend and hearing her tales of the single life and dating, I was entertained and endeared and it was a great break for me to get out and do something fun that involved nothing to do with husbands or kids. I hope that at all times in my life I will always have at least a few single friends to help me keep my focus and sanity. Again, it's the little things...

Hope your weekend was filled with lots of great little things!

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