Thursday, June 12, 2008


The concept of "culture" conjures up many images. Mostly we think of the differences between countries and typically we think of countries that seem very foreign to us. However, there is a culture to just about everything. There is a general country culture, regional culture, and even cultures down to a specific office (aka "corporate culture") or even the culture of a particular group of people. I guess I've been reflecting on this a bit this week as I see the differences in culture between here and where we live and think about other places I've been recently, such as where Dennis is from. Each of these places has such a totally different lifestyle, mentality, rituals, etc. Even today, we drove over to the beach (about 1.5 hrs from here) and the culture there is drastically different from here and drastically different from the towns just a few miles away. I always struggle to find where I really "fit" into these types of equations. Overall, I certainly feel most comfortable and at home down here (or the South in general), but there are definitely parts of the culture that I don't like, and certainly there are things in DC that I prefer. In general in life, I am always looking for things that just "click" and are a perfect fit but I rarely get that. Instead, I am coming to grips that these perfect matches don't really happen very often so I just enjoy the "close enough" instances as much as I can. In the meantime, I will enjoy being here for the next few days but enjoy the things I miss at my new home when I return.

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