Friday, May 30, 2008

Where has the week gone??

I can't believe it's Friday already!! Where did this week go? These short weeks are great, but they really throw me off.

Sorry I've been a bit remiss in writing this week. I can't seem to catch up. I've been busy busy working on some big business things (more details to come soon!) and have neglected some of these other things.

But I'm glad it's weekend and time to celebrate! Olive and I started the weekend off right by hanging out with some friends and letting the kids play in the kiddie pool and backyard. What a delight. How fun to be a kid again and have no other worries than splashing in the pool and running around like crazy!!

Tomorrow is Dennis & I's anniversary (5 years!!) so looking forward to celebrating the milestone. What a great weekend and a great start to summer. I feel like it's FINALLY here. It's been a rough week - working at home is great but terrible at the same time...keeps you in a rush but at least you get time with the little ones. Anyway, in a rush again now...want to go watch a movie and drink a 'rita with Dennis. Have a great weekend!!

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