Friday, April 25, 2008

Weekend Activities

Today is Friday (yippee!!) except is it really all that great that it's weekend? After all, during the week, we have scheduled activities and events. I know what is going on and what's happening and when. During the weekend, we have "free time" but the question hits me each week, "what will we do??" It's different now that there's a child involved. I like to do something fun for her on the weekends but everything is too crowded. Playgrounds and parks are swimming with people right now, especially since the warm weather has just recently arrived. I hate to run errands on the weekend too because the stores are too crowded and people are too rude (and I'm spoiled that I get to go during the weekday so I dread weekend visits). I live in a great area with lots of fun activities to do but many of them are too crowded or involve too much planning (driving/parking/walking) that if any one thing goes wrong, it could be a monumental disaster. So what do you do on the weekend to kill some time, enjoy having everyone home, but stay busy enough to not be bored?

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