Monday, May 11, 2009

Baby Registries

Having a second child is both easier and harder in terms of baby supplies.

For the first baby, everyone is so excited and wants to throw you a shower and buy you lots of gifts and cutesy baby stuff. For the second, people hardly acknowledge his/her existence.

While it's true that we do have *most* of the things we need for baby #2 (especially since we're having another girl), there are some things that we borrowed or simply didn't have the first time around that I would really like to have now. Problem is, nobody wants to buy anything! First time we had all the furniture, clothing, and supplies pretty much taken care of. This time, NOTHING. There are always things you need, like diapers and usable supplies, if nothing else. Not that I'm complaining (well maybe I am just a little) but I do feel that every child is a blessing and should be celebrated as such.

So to make myself a checklist of the things I want and/or need, I created two registries for this baby. So if nothing else, I can buy gifts for her and feel like they are gifts and know that SOMEONE thinks she hung the moon. Plus, if you set up registries, they often send you extra coupons for fulfilling your registries later so what can it hurt? So I registered her at Babies R Us and another fantastic store (which blows BRU out of the water) called Buy Buy Baby. Buy Buy Baby does not have locations everywhere but they do also have an online feature, though not all items are available there. They are also affiliated with Bed, Bath, and Beyond so those many, many coupons you get from them are good there too.

So I am celebrating my second baby with as much zest and zeal as the first. I am determined not to let her get pushed to the side just because an older child demands my attention. I am still buying her some of her own clothes and other items because let's face it, while hand-me-downs are convenient for us, it's always nice to have something new for yourself (that hasn't been through the wash 1000 times to get rid of the sweet potato stains).

(If you can't tell, I'm getting a bit cranky and hormonal - can't believe it's taken this long!)


Sharon - Pixie Bows said...

Hugs!! I wish we (holly & I) were there to throw you a big rocking baby shower!! Every baby & mommy deserves it!

Lindsey Johnson, MS, CHES said...

Thanks! I wish you were here too!!