Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Tuesday's Tips: Be on the lookout for holiday deals

Every year it seems like Christmas comes earlier and earlier. This year I saw my first Christmas stuff in stores in August, alongside the back-to-school stuff. AUGUST. 4 MONTHS BEFORE CHRISTMAS! This used to really annoy me - let me enjoy all the other holidays first! - but this year, it seems just right. I want to get things done early. I always say that and rarely do it but with toddler in tow, holiday shopping can be a nightmare. Hence comes the beauty of online shopping. Not only do you avoid the stores but you probably also save a few bucks because you aren't tempted by the 30 other "cute" things on the way to the register. Online shopping is also wonderful for those out-of-town friends and relatives - you'd have to send it to them anyways so save yourself the hassle of wrapping & packaging it (and visiting the dreaded Post Office) and have gifts sent directly. How wonderful! Several sites will also be doing free shipping promotions between now and the big day. Lots of stores and websites also do amazing deals right now where you can really get a good bang for your buck. So keep your eyes open, list in hand, and get shopping. I am hoping to get a lot of my shopping done early so I have time for my favorite holiday activity - baking. I bake lots of yummies for friends and neighbors (and maybe snitch a few bites myself!) I've not really started too much on my shopping yet (though I have pretty good ideas what I am getting everyone) but we've already done Olive's picture with Santa, working on our Christmas cards, and researching deals. It's tough work, but somebody's gotta do it! The first snow flurries hit here this morning and it's making me even more in the Christmas spirit. So shop early and remember to save some gifts, food, etc. for those who need it this season. They should be on your list too.

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Sharon - Pixie Bows said...

I think I need some snow flurries to get me in the mood! It is 80 here again today, so maybe that is why I am not feeling Christmasie yet!