Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Tuesday's Tips: Spread Generosity

Do something nice for someone today.

So it's a little early to think about Christmas, but we're headed into the time of giving where we think quite often about others. Unfortunately, we aren't as generous throughout the year as we can be during the holidays but it's time to start doing so, if even just a little bit.

Here are some ideas for kind things to do for others in the coming days and weeks:

1. Clean out your closets and donate your clothes, especially winter ones - there are so many people who will be cold this winter - go ahead and throw out that old jacket that you don't like - someone else will benefit from it's warmth

2. Write an old fashioned letter. Grandparents and great grandparents particularly appreciate this type of gesture. Send pictures to them too.

3. Make dinner for a friend or neighbor who needs the break. (someone with a new baby, a death in the family, friends who are coming to town, a particularly busy week, or just because...)

4. Offer to buy a friend a coffee. It will give you a chance to catch up and have some fun too!

5. Adopt a family for the holidays. Many of us moan and groan at the ridiculous amounts of toys our kids will get this Christmas from doting aunts and grandmas but there are so many children who have no toys under the tree (or no tree).

6. Volunteer in a soup kitchen for Thanksgiving or donate money or food so others may appreciate this holiday too.

7. Offer to watch a friend's kids so she can get her hair cut or go grocery shopping alone (what a luxury!)

There's no limit to what you can do and it doesn't have to be elaborate or expensive. Just do something nice to make someone's day. I try to do something nice every day and hope that I at least sometimes succeed in making other people a little happier.

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WhirledPeas said...

This is a great blog. You definitely do succeed in making others happier! :) Thanks for reminding us all that little things can really make a huge difference in someone's life.